Father Ganim,
Mark and I wanted to extend our deepest gratitude to you for the beautiful ceremony that you performed for us. Every word you said was absolutely perfect, we couldn’t believe how a short conversation with you portrayed who we really are as people! I had several friends/family ask for your contact information, so you might hear from them… Again, we thank you,
Caitlin and Mark Parrott

Dear Father,
What can I say. . .you were spectacular!!! You were sent to us by Angels.. Everyone kept saying how wonderful and special you made Courtney and Scott’s wedding ceremony and we can not thank you enough. You are an absolute delight and have such a calming presence. I’m only sorry that I was unable to thank you after the ceremony.
Thank you again and all the best.
Jackie Jungjohann


Dear Fr. Ganim,
Jonathan and I would like to thank you for your wonderfully warm and loving message at our wedding this past Sunday at the Breakers. My family is very spiritual and was especially appreciative of your presence. Most of all, thank you for making the ceremony so meaningful to Jonathan and myself.
And you were right, the groom did cry! And through the midst of it all, we still have your handkerchief. I am sure you lose plenty of them on a regular basis, so we have sent it to be cleaned and it will be ready to be returned back to you soon with our love and appreciation 🙂
Thank you very much.
Jonathan & Robin Liang


Father Ganim,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you performed for Todd and Frannie. As you know, because of Jean’s death, we were all feeling a sense of sadness, but you made everyone feel so comfortable and gave us such a sense of her presence, it made it so much easier for all of us. Thank you for making the kid’s wedding such a perfect day.
Lin Winstead


Dear Father Ganim,
Not a week goes by when I think about our wedding day and how gorgeous our ceremony was. I cannot begin to thank you enough for making our wedding day so special! From the moment my sister and I met with you and your lovely wife, I felt your warmth and amazing love that made me know you were the perfect person to officiate at our wedding.
Although we didn’t know each other for very long, I felt like I did and I think that came out in your homily. You made your sermon so personal, including our family and friends with such love. And you made all of our guests feel so welcome. . . it was just beautiful! From the bottom of our hearts–thank you! We truly felt God’s presence that hot May 9th day in Stuart, Fl.
Since our wedding we have been receiving overwhelming compliments on our ceremony. I had people of all ages coming up to me after the ceremony (both males and females) raving about the ceremony. My Mother still talks about you and how wonderful your sermon was. Everyone was extremely impressed.
You were such an integral part of our wedding and helped make that day the most amazing day of Brian’s and my life! Thank you so much!
Thank you for everything! I hope you have a blessed day.
Valerie and Brian Danielewicz


Father Ganim
I want you both to know how special it was to have you with us. We couldnt stop talking about our experience, I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence and it was so fulfilling. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I also want to thank you for the token of love you passed on to Elizabeth and David. without you knowing, they have gone through a very difficult year and so I believe you were here not only for us but for them as well. Our Father works in mysterious ways :).
Will send pictures soon.
God Bless, Cordially,


Father Lee,
Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful wedding ceremony. You really touched both of us, as well as many of our guests, with your words. We received more compliments on you and your ceremony than on any other aspects of our wedding, which was so meaningful.
Michelle and Wally Peer


Father Ganim,
Thank you for the most perfect wedding a couple could ask for! What you said and how you said it exceeded every expectation we could possibly have had.
Lesa and Trung Tran